Do Eyelash Extensions damaging eyelashes?!

I hear this question or statement each and every time. Let’s figure out if that’s true. Over the course of my work, I saw a lot of damaged eyelashes and we try to help our clients to restore them. ⠀

Why ever does it happen so? ⠀

* Your lash technician received low-cost, only a few hours long training from people, who don’t know dos and don’ts of eyelash lengthening themselves ⠀
* Your lash technician does not work with each eyelash separately, and glues on false eyelashes “just anywhere”, in consequence of which few eyelashes stick together ⠀
* Your lash technician glues false eyelashes directly to your eyelid ⠀
* Your lash technician incorrectly chose thickness and volume of false eyelashes ⠀* Another thing that ruins eyelashes is the correction of eyelash extensions. The reason for this is that lash technician technically cannot wash the roots of eyelashes and space between eyelashes, where the dust, dirt, sweat and grease deposits accumulate, which results in slow-up and disruption of the growth of real eyelashes. It also affects wearing time (it becomes shorter); lengthened eyelashes after correction always look improperly, as if you need correction of eyelash extensions again ⠀

So how to apply eyelash extensions correctly, without damaging your real eyelashes?! ⠀
* Training must be taken from a professional instructor, and that comes at a price. Training can’t last for only a few hours. Your lash technician must improve her skills and retrain day by day. And that’s rather expensive! ⠀
* False eyelash should be glued on with the minimum amount of glue on each real eyelash separately in order not to glue together the eyelashes that grow nearby ⠀* Each false eyelash should be glued on 0,5-1 mm off the eyelid ⠀
* Thickness, length and volume of false eyelashes should be aligned with the real eyelashes ⠀
* No correction! We must remove old eyelashes and apply new ones. New eyelashes look well and neat. You will save your time and get what you pay for!
If everything is done in a correct manner, then: ⠀
* You won’t lose any of your real eyelashes ⠀
* You won’t have discomfort and will feel like you have your own real eyelashes ⠀
* Your eyelashes will be able to grow and change the same way as without eyelash extensions ⠀
* You won’t be allergic to eyelashes extensions. That can happen only when false eyelashes are glued on your eyelid, it might cause itching, unpleasantness, and, sometimes, eyelid inflammation. ⠀

Based on the above it may be concluded that high-quality eyelash extension won’t harm your real eyelashes in any way as long as everything is done in a correct way. It also can not cost cheap, because this is very meticulous and exquisite work! Vilero Lash & Brow in Austin helps you to get high quality Eyelash Extensions.
We wish you to have high-quality eyelashes and great lash technicians!

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