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More and more women are deciding that eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for them so that they can have the gorgeous eye look that they so desire. One of the added benefits to high-quality eyelash extensions is that they are easy to take care of and also easy to remove when done by an eyelash specialist. Eyelash extensions will naturally fall off as your natural eyelashes do so you have the option of only waiting for them to remove themselves. Some women, however, do not prefer this option as it will leave gaps and make your eyelashes look less than desirable. Of course, you can easily extend the amazing look of your eyelashes by making an appointment and having us fill or touch up your extension. If you do wish to have them removed, though, we will gladly schedule an appointment, so one of our trained eyelash experts can remove them properly, all while preserving your natural lash.

Keep in mind, never pluck your eyelash extensions. Forcefully removing your extensions is a very unsafe method of eyelash extension removal, and it can damage your natural lash. You do not want to harm your natural lash as they are very delicate and require care when extensions are being removed. Our expert lash specialist will carefully remove your extensions so you can have peace of mind knowing that your eyelashes are protected and well cared for. Professional eyelash extension removal is always the best option to ensure that your eyelash extensions are removed correctly. Scheduling an appointment with us for removal will also ensure that you avoid any accidents or mishaps at home that could damage your natural eyelashes.

When you visit with us for professional eyelash removal, our trained and skilled lash stylists will make you comfortable and discuss the process with you. You will take comfort in knowing that we only use high-quality eyelash extension removal cream. This cream is specifically designed to remove eyelash extensions safely by dissolving the glue and protecting your natural eyelash. The cream is actually so safe and non-toxic that it can even be applied and used while your eyes are open. You also need not worry about itching, burning, or any redness as the professional-grade cream that we use is wholly hypoallergenic and designed to for use around the sensitive area of the eyes. Even if a small amount were to make contact with your eyes, there would be no burning. It merely needs to be wiped away.

Eyelash extension removal by our professional lash experts is a quick, stress-free, and painless process. To prepare for the appointment, we only ask that you not wear any makeup around the eye area. From the time we begin the process until the competition, it should take less than a half-hour before you are ready to return to your day with your natural lashes healthy and protected. Please call today to schedule your professional eyelash extension removal!

Еyelash extensions fall out along with natural ones on which they are applied. And since this process is ongoing, gradually over 3-4 weeks only about 30 percent of the initial volume of eyelash extensions remains. At this time it is better to come to Vilero in Austin for correction or removal.


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