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Small Volume 2D Eyelash Extensions procedure involves gluing two eyelash extensions to one natural eyelash – this will be a 2D extension.

Small Volume 2D Eyelash Extensions are the perfect solution for adding a small account of fullness and thickness to your natural lashes. Since traditional lash extensions are added in a 1:1 application, only one extension is attached to each eyelash. For some women who have fewer eyelashes than average, creating a fuller and thicker look is only possible if you add the extensions in such a way that creates volume. When needing just a small amount of volume, 2D extensions are the perfect solution.

Eyelash extensions are quickly growing in popularity as nearly every woman wants beautiful and full lashes. Small volume 2D lashes are popular because they create a very natural look but give a wonderfully full and thick appearance that for some women can only be created with the aid of eyelash extensions. To accomplish this lash look, skilled and trained professional lash stylists expertly apply individual extensions to each eyelash. For the small volume 2D look, two extensions are carefully applied to each lash. Adding the extra extension to each lash creates a full look that still remains natural and not overly dramatic. The beautiful and desirable two-dimensional look of small volume 2D eyelash extensions adds definition and subtly draws attention to the eye area.

When you have decided that the small volume 2D eyelash extensions are right for you, contact us to make an appointment. When you arrive on the day of your appointment, you will meet with one of our skilled and trained lash professionals. It is essential to have your small volume 2D eyelash extensions applied by a professional who has been trained in the correct application of eyelash extension. Doing so will ensure the safety and health of your eye as well as assure that your finished lashes look magnificent. Before the application, our lash stylist will answer any questions that you may have and then begin the application process.

Before the application of your small volume 2D eyelash extensions, you will be placed in a comfortable position so that you may relax. With your eyes closed and protective material used, the lash stylist will carefully dip each eyelash extension into a small amount of black glue and then expertly attach the synthetic lash to your natural lash. For the stunning small volume 2D eyelash extension application, the lash stylist will apply two synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes.

One of the most common questions that women ask before having their small volume 2D eyelash extensions attached is what are the dangers of having glue get into your eyes. When you make an appointment with us and work with one of our trained and skilled lash stylists, you will not need to worry about glue getting into your eyes. First, your eyes will be closed for the entire application, which will generally last up to 2 hours. Secondly, our trained lash stylists take precautions to ensure that you are safe throughout the entire application process. We also use a glue that is safe for your eyes and would cause no injury even if some were to make its way into your eyes. Our lash experts will be sure to put you at ease so that you can lay back and relax and not worry. Your only focus should be on how amazingly gorgeous your eyes will look once the small volume 2D eyelash extensions are applied!


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