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About Deep Cleansing Facial

At Vilero Lash & Brow, we provide a deep cleansing facial in Austin and surrounding areas that will give your skin the beautiful, radiant, and youthful look you want!

Benefits of a Deep Cleansing Facial

  • Superior facial for the deepest cleansing

  • Highest quality products and the latest techniques

  • Removes facial blemishes and blackheads

  • Highly skilled, experienced, and respected technicians 

  • Welcoming, friendly, and modern spa environment

  • Outstanding reputation and the highest level of customer care

  • Exceptional value for premier service 

Vilero Lash & Brow offers Austin’s best deep cleansing facial. Sit back and relax and allow our caring, skilled, and well-trained technicians to turn back the hands of time and give your face a fabulous makeover! 

What is a Deep Cleansing Facial?

A deep cleansing facial is a restorative, relaxing, and beneficial multi-step facial skin treatment. When done correctly by a trained professional, it can treat stubborn skin issues, acne, oily skin, and uneven complexions. A professional deep cleansing facial is tailored to your skin type and individual needs to help your skin look and feel healthy and beautiful. 

Who Needs a Deep Cleansing Facial?

The simple answer is almost everyone can benefit from an expertly applied deep cleansing facial. 

Each day the skin on our face encounters harmful elements. Exposure to sunlight, extremes in temperature, and even toxins in the air can cause our skin to become excessively dry and lose elasticity and youthful glow. Additionally, our bodies can naturally produce acne and excessive oil that can damage our skin and clog our pores. Fortunately, a Vilero Lash & Brow deep cleansing facial can help heal and hydrate your skin so you can look and feel your best!

What Are the Steps of a Deep Cleansing Facial?

At Vilero Lash & Brow, we customized every deep cleansing facial to the client’s needs and desired outcomes. 

Step 1. We begin with a facial consultation where we discuss skincare routines and answer all questions. 

Step 2. Next, we use a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, oils, or makeup from the face.

Step 3. Following the initial cleanse, we carefully analyze the skin to design a treatment that is tailored to your skin type. 

Step 4. We then gently apply superior quality products for a deep pore cleanse and mini facial. This process helps open the pores so that dirty and other debris can be removed. Steam is also used during this process to further open pores to improve cleaning.

Step 5. Our expert technicians will then carefully exfoliate the skin and begin extraction. During this step, we use special tools to gently clean and unclog pores.

Step 6. Once pores are clean, we apply a facial mask that is formulated to your specific skin type. This mask further cleans your skin and pores and helps increase circulation and oxygen flow to the skin.

Step 7. Following the mask, we apply special serums to help balance your skin’s pH, followed by a hydrating facial massage. 

Step 8. As a final step, our expert technician will discuss the best practices and steps you can take at home to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Schedule a Deep Cleansing Facial Appointment

If you wish to schedule an expert deep cleansing facial in Austin so your skin can look its best, contact us here.

About Skin Rejuvention

Vilero Lash & Brow is your Austin skin rejuvenation expert. Our friendly, caring, and highly skilled technicians will turn back the hands of time and make your skin look and feel healthy, youthful, and beautiful!

Benefits of Vilero Skin Rejuvenation Services

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves uneven skin texture and tone

  • Reverses signs of sun damage

  • Minimizes minor facial scarring 

  • Tightens and hydrates loose skin

  • Lightens the signs of damaged skin

  • Reduces poor size

  • Treats and diminishes acne 

What is Skin Rejuvenation?

As we age, our skin starts to change and appears less radiant and youthful. Many factors contribute to these alternations in skin appearance, including acne and the effects of puberty, sun exposure, diet, and weight loss and gain. Even years of smiling and laughing can help create fine lines and wrinkles. 

Fortunately, skin rejuvenation techniques and treatments can help reduce these changes. Wrinkles, acne scars, sunspots, blotchy skin tone, and even freckles and cellulite can be reduced or corrected with professional skin rejuvenation. 

At Vilero Lash & Brow, we use a variety of non-surgical treatments to help improve the texture, tone and overall appearance, and health of your skin. Our skin rejuvenation services are conducted by trained staff dedicated to the highest level of customer care and satisfaction. From years of experience and education, we have designed a skin rejuvenation process that promotes skin elasticity, removes dead and damaged skin, and enhances blood flow and healing. 

Who Needs Skin Rejuvenation?

Expertly applied skin rejuvenation is ideal for anyone who wants to have their skin be healthier and more eventually textured and balanced. 

Many believe that more youthful-looking skin can only be achieved through expensive medical and surgical procedures. At Vilero Lash & Brow, we provide a non-surgical and affordable way to help your skin look and feel its best. Our services are ideal for men and women, adults of all ages, ethnicities, skin tones, and types. 

Is Skin Rejuvenation Painful?

At Vilero Lash & Brow, we only use minimal, non-surgical forms of skin rejuvenation. When trained professionals perform these treatments and procedures, they are safe and have very little discomfort. All our friendly and caring technicians are trained and experienced in the variety of skin rejuvenation techniques we perform. 

Most of our clients experience only slight discomfort, and some have none at all. At most, our services may produce reding and peeling of the skin that can last a couple of days or weeks depending on the service you receive. The side effects are very similar to those of sunburn and leave no lasting effects. We can also use a topical anesthetic to numb the skin area before treatment to ease any discomfort. 

Our top priority at Vilero Lash & Brow is to help you relax and experience skin rejuvenation in the most comfortable manner available. Our caring technicians will take every possible step to ensure you are at ease and always feeling your best.

Schedule a Skin Rejuvenation Appointment

If you have questions about our skin rejuvenation services or would like to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with information to make the best skincare decisions.

About Hydro Facial


Live in the Austin area and want smooth, youthful, and bright-looking skin? At Vilero Lash & Brow, we offer premium Hydro Facial treatments that are affordable and effective.

Benefits of Vilero Hydro Facial Services

  • Painless and non-invasive 

  • Fades the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Makes skin glow and appear youthful

  • Improves skin firmness

  • Increases skin’s collagen production 

  • Removes dead, unhealthy skin

  • Extracts impurities and toxins 

What is Hydro Facial Treatment?

Vilero Lash & Brow’s Hydro Facial service is an advanced skincare treatment that helps restore and maintain healthy skin. It is a non-invasive and safe multi-step process that effectively and easily removes dead and dry skin. It also opens pores to remove impurities and toxins while hydrating, cleansing, and moisturizing your face. 

When administered by trained and skilled technicians, Hydro Facial treatments effectively reverse signs of aging and even slow down some aging processes. Used alongside other fascial and cosmetic services at Vilero Lash & Brow, Hydro Facials can delay or eliminate the need for more invasive and costly procedures. The results of Hydro Facial treatment are also often longer lasting than the results of other facial services. 

Who Needs Hydro Facial Treatment?

Vilero Lash & Brow’s Hydro Facial services are ideal for almost all skin types. Our caring and well-trained technicians will meet with you to discuss the treatment process and customize the services to meet your specific skin type and needs. Our Hydro Facial services are safe and effective on aging and thin skin, dry or oily skin, and all skin types. 

If you are experiencing sun-damaged skin, wrinkles and fine lines, dry skin, uneven skin tone, or oily, acne-prone skin, our Hydro Facial services can easily help improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Is Hydro Facial Treatment Painful?

One of the main advantages of Hydro Facial treatment is that it is highly effective without pain and invasiveness. Unlike some other facial treatments, our Hydro Facial treatment can promote collagen production without creating sunburn-like redness that may linger for days. Added collagen gives skin a bright, smooth, and youthful-looking appearance. 

When you visit Vilero Lash & Brow for your Hydro Facial service, you will meet with a caring, well-trained, skilled technician who will answer all your questions and explain each process step. We have designed our environment to be relaxing and peaceful to help you enjoy your Hydro Facial to its fullest. We take great care to ensure that your time with us is calming and pleasant. Our goal is to have you experience a fabulous Hydro Facial and leave us looking and feeling your best!

Schedule a Hyrdo Facial Appointment

If you have questions about our premium Hydro Facial treatments or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our trained technicians, please contact us today.

About Microneedling

At Vilero Lash & Brow in Austin, we use microneedling treatments to help your skin heal and glow, giving you a radiant and youthful appearance, you will love!

Benefits of Microneedling

  • Shrinks skin’s pores

  • Improves sun damage

  • Reverses the signs of aging

  • Reduces the appearance of scars

  • Minimizes rosacea

  • Promotes effectiveness of topical products

  • Helps eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

  • Minimizes the appearance of stretch marks

What is Microneedling Treatment?

Vilero Lash & Brow’s microneedling treatment is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive skincare service. Performed by trained skincare experts, microneedling uses tiny medical-grade, sterile needles to carefully puncture the skin and create micro-channels. These tiny holes in the upper layers of the skin promote the skin to engage its natural regeneration response. As such, the skin begins producing collagen, which helps the body naturally diminish fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin texture, improve elasticity, and create more healthy and youthful-looking skin. Microneedling can be used on both the face and the neck. 

Who Needs Microneedling Treatment?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for the professionally administered microneedling treatments offered at Vilero Lash & Brow. Microneedling should be delayed when a person is currently experiencing acne or a cold sore. 

Our safe, non-invasive microneedling process can be performed on women and men from all ethnicities and with any skin tone. It is ideal and recommended by those who want to treat acne scars, large pores, skin discoloration, uneven skin texture, winkles, and fine lines. 

Microneedling is also a wonderful alternative to invasive surgical procedures that come with risks and side effects. Many are unsure about using Botox, fillers, and laser treatments. Fortunately, our microneedling services are a healthy, all-nature alternative that provides outstanding results. 

Is Microneedeling Painful?

Microneedling is not a painful procedure, but it might be somewhat uncomfortable for some clients, especially those with a preexisting fear of needles.

When you arrive at Vilero Lash & Brow, you will meet with your caring and trained technician. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, and our staff will make it a priority to help you feel relaxed, safe, and at ease. 

The entire microneedling treatment will last approximately 30 minutes. During the treatment, tiny sterile needles will create small punctures on the top layer of your skin. Many clients describe the process as feeling like sandpaper gently rubbing against your skin. Other clients have mentioned feeling an occasional sharp poke, but those sensations are momentary. Most feel that a potential moment of discomfort does not outweigh the effects of microneedling, which leaves the skin feeling smoother and looking younger.

Microneedling is often painful when an unskilled or untrained administrator performs it. At Vilero Lash & Brow, we ensure that our professional technicians are trained in the latest microneedling techniques and applications. Education and training are a top priority at Vilero Lash & Brow as we want our clients always to have the best experiences and treatment outcomes.

If you have concerns about needles or potential discomfort, we use a soothing topical numbing cream that is very effective in managing all sharp sensations that you might feel during the procedure.  

Schedule a Mirconeedling Appointment

If you are ready to experience the amazing results of microneedling treatment, we invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment today.

About Chemical Peel

At Austin’s Vilero Lash & Brow, we offer a safe and effective chemical peel treatment to treat various skin conditions. With our professionally administered chemical peel, your skin will appear youthful and refreshed. 

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

  • Improves skin texture

  • Reverses fine lines and wrinkles

  • Eliminates sunspots

  • Balances skin tone

  • Improves acne scarring 

  • Reduces dark spots and skin discoloration

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a safe and trusted way to exfoliate the skin to treat and improve various skin conditions. A Vilero Lash & Brow expertly applied chemical peel can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve the balance of skin color and texture, and help skin appear youthful and healthy. Chemical peels are carefully tailored to your skin’s tone and texture and may be a mild, medium, or deep chemical peel.

During a chemical peel, a special blend of customized ingredients is carefully applied to your face. Together, these ingredients are highly effective at loosening and removing dead and dull-looking skin that prevents healthy and radiant skin from being visible. Once the dead layer of skin has peeled away, refreshed, and youthful-looking skin remains. After your chemical peel, you will be left with silky smooth skin that is well hydrated and glowing.

Who Needs a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are a safe and effective way of turning back the hands of time and are ideal for most clients. At Vilero Lash & Brow, we formulate our acid peels to meet the needs of every client. Our trained and experienced technicians will meet with you to discuss your desired outcome and then formulate the best chemical peel for you. 

Our technicians are chemical peel experts, and they understand that certain skin tones and textures respond better to chemical peels than others. People who take certain medications or have had facial surgery may not be the best candidates for a chemical peel, so please share such information with us before scheduling a chemical peel appointment. 

Is a Chemical Peel Painful?

While the name of the treatment can sound somewhat scary, chemical peels are non-invasive and safe procedures. From start to finish, they typically last about 30-90 minutes, depending on the level of peel being performed. Most clients report a sensation of tingling across the face during the actual application, and this feeling stops as soon as the peel is completed. 

Following a chemical peel, you will experience a few days of skin dryness and some mild swelling. Then the top layer of dead skin will begin to peel away, and you will be left with new skin that looks as though it is sunburned. By the end of the first week, all redness and irritation should be gone, and you will be left with beautiful, youthful, and healthy skin. 

Schedule a Chemical Peel Appointment

If you are interested in scheduling a chemical peel or have questions about our services, please contact us to schedule an appointment or free consultation today.

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Olga is very professional. She did a very amazing job doin my eyebrows and eye lashes. Job well done. I will recommend you to all of my friends and so they can see the difference from other lashes salon company. I keep coming to her Vilero Lash and brow studio. Keep up the great work till then. Have a great one Olga!

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Fantastic work! Olga is fixing my eyebrows, it is a lengthy process and one that takes talent and skill. I just happened to see an advertisement for Vilero Lash & Brow on Facebook and researched Olga’s work and training. Her original work is flawless. You can’t go wrong getting your permanent makeup, eyelashes, and other procedures done here. She is so sweet and so accomplished and so very accommodating. I highly recommend Vilero

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I’m always happy with my results after leaving here. Olga is highly skilled and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in semi-permanent make up to come here. Scheduling is easy and Olga is lovely.

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Olga is absolutely amazing! I’ve been going to her for over a year now and am always extremely happy with the outcome. Her salon is beautiful, clean and she is very professional!

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Right now I’m traveling around America and forgot to say thanks to Olga. I was at her studio and did a lash lift, it end up big soo amazing and beautiful. It really helped on my vacations. I wanna show the photo of my lashes, I have never done lash lift before and I release what I have lost. It’s best thing for traveling. Thank you so much Olga!!!

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Olga did amazing job. She did eyeliner exactly how I wanted, it looks very natural. I definitely return to her to do my brows and lips .

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