How Microblading Can Help You?

How Microblading Can Help You? A lot of people have fading or light eyebrows and that makes them self conscious. Some of them also suffer from an inferiority complex because they become the reason for everyone’s amusement. For such people or individuals who just want a better look or a more aesthetic looking face or more visible eyebrows, microblading can work wonders.

You can find the best Microblading in Austin but first, what do you know about this one procedure that has been talked about so much at length everywhere?

You see Microblading is not at all what the name makes it sound like. It is not a critical surgery or a complex procedure that leaves your skin scarred or anything. Microblading is in fact a manual procedure wherein handheld tools are used to perform permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows. This is aimed at creating extremely fine strokes of color that look like natural hair on your skin. And the results? Well, you get perfectly natural-looking eyebrows that are full and thick.

And of course, before you start looking for the best microblading in Austin or any similar procedure for that matter, there are certain pre-existing conditions that can and will interfere with this treatment. And so you need to be aware of them before you book an appointment. We are talking about some serious health conditions and problems here and if you are not careful, it could aggravate the health issue you might be dealing with. Let’s have a look at them right here:

  • Skin diseases and irritation
  • Pregnancy is a condition in which many procedures are avoided including microblading
  • During breastfeeding, the doctor can perform the treatment but administering an anesthetic will not be possible
  • If you have any keloids on your skin or if you have a tendency to developing keloids, or have birthmarks or moles, this treatment will not be possible
  • Don’t go for it if you are diabetic
  • Avoid it in case of serious diseases such as cancer or epilepsy or even if you have any autoimmune disorders
  • People with circulatory disorders should avoid it
  • People with any bleeding disorders, stay away from it
  • Don’t go for it you’re taking any blood-thinning medication
  • If you are currently on acutance or any other strong retinoid you are required to wait until 6 months after your treatment ends
  • Recently had Botox? Just wait for another 2 months
  • Old PMU
  • A broken capillary in your eyebrows area will also prevent you from opting for this treatment
  • Refrain from it if you have a sunburn
  • Should wait for 3 days after getting waxed
  • Should wait at least 2 weeks after getting a chemical peel
  • So now you know a lot about microblading.

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