Russian E-File Manicure and Pedicure

Types of work

Russian E-File Manicure + Gel (Hard Gel included)
Russian E-File Manicure + Hard Gel included + Design
Russian E-File Manicure + Extensions + Gel (short nail)
Russian E-File Manicure + Extensions + Gel (long nail)
Russian E-File Pedicure No Gel (No Design)
Russian E-File Pedicure + Gel + Design
– Nail Fix over 7 days (per nail) – $20

– Acryl removal – $30

About Russian E-File Manicure and Pedicure in Austin Texas

Russian E-File Manicure and pedicure is a fast, modern and safe way of foot care. Unlike traditional nail salons, your hands are soaked in lukewarm water to soften dead skin cells and wring out cuticle trimming tools, in a Russian manicure the cuticles are cleaned with electrical nail attachments. It is carried out by a grinding machine using a set of nozzles for various processing frequencies. E-File manicure and pedicure is suitable for people of any age and gender, as well as for clients with sensitive skin and problem feet in Austin, Texas. This treatment method quickly and efficiently removes dry and dead skin, corrects nails and makes them look neat. In addition to hardware manicure and pedicure inflammation of fungal diseases and ingrown nails, as microtraumas and microbial reproduction appear. Gel polish is applied under the cuticle, which makes it possible to wear manicures and pedicures for up to 4-6 weeks.


  • Hands and feet do not require pre-evaporation 
  • Only dead skin areas are peeled off 
  • Nail separation is eliminated 
  • Yellowness of the nail plate is removed 
  • Suitable for rough and dry cuticles 
  • Cuts of hands and feet are excluded 
  • There is no risk of infection 
  • Cuticle growth slows down 
  • Suitable for extensions



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Olga is very professional. She did a very amazing job doin my eyebrows and eye lashes. Job well done. I will recommend you to all of my friends and so they can see the difference from other lashes salon company. I keep coming to her Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic. Keep up the great work till then. Have a great one Olga!

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Grace R.

Fantastic work! Olga is fixing my eyebrows, it is a lengthy process and one that takes talent and skill. I just happened to see an advertisement for Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic on Facebook and researched Olga’s work and training. Her original work is flawless. You can’t go wrong getting your permanent makeup, eyelashes, and other procedures done here. She is so sweet and so accomplished and so very accommodating. I highly recommend Vilero

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D H.

I’m always happy with my results after leaving here. Olga is highly skilled and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in semi-permanent make up to come here. Scheduling is easy and Olga is lovely.

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Ryann R.

Olga is absolutely amazing! I’ve been going to her for over a year now and am always extremely happy with the outcome. Her salon is beautiful, clean and she is very professional!

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Carol C.

Right now I’m traveling around America and forgot to say thanks to Olga. I was at her studio and did a lash lift, it end up big soo amazing and beautiful. It really helped on my vacations. I wanna show the photo of my lashes, I have never done lash lift before and I release what I have lost. It’s best thing for traveling. Thank you so much Olga!!!

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Elizabeth F.

Olga did amazing job. She did eyeliner exactly how I wanted, it looks very natural. I definitely return to her to do my brows and lips .

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Victoria E.


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