Permanent Makeup Powder Eyebrows

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Permanent Makeup Powder Eyebrows Training

February 6-8

3 days

The training includes​:

What you’ll learn:

Deposit: $500 non-refundable deposit due on sign-up. You can pay $500 deposit online or in our office.

3 days training

Hours: 10am-6pm

Small group: up to 3 students

Lunch and Refreshments provided

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About Powder Brows

PowderBrows is a machine-applied technique for shading the brows; it involves the gradual insertion of thousands of pigment dots to create a soft, powdery effect that looks completely natural.

The PowderBrows technique enhances the appearance of the brows by filling in or bulking sparse areas with a blend of powdered pigments in varying shades and transparencies to conceal any obvious line work. This is in contrast to traditional forms of permanent makeup, such as microblading, which involve the meticulous reconstruction of hairline strokes to conceal otherwise bare skin.

What can you anticipate from training? Learn how to create a natural eyebrow makeup look for your clients by designing, shaping, and implanting the correct semi-permanent color to resemble a permanent makeup device with the appropriate shading needles. You will then learn how to shade brows with a pixelated color shadow that gradually lightens from the dark. Of course, you’ve seen the ones that get everyone’s attention.

What makes powder brows so popular?

The technique of applying powder to the brows is what makes them appear most natural. The pigments are administered subcutaneously using a microneedle and dosing apparatus in pixelated form. Now that we know how much pigment to use, we can give your eyebrows some definition. High-quality pigments are used, making powder brows last longer. In addition, the powder method is a painless and minimally invasive alternative to traditional shading methods.

The powder method of shading brows is semi-permanent and lasts up to three years. Powder brows are long-lasting if cared for properly after treatment. Those who tend toward oily skin types find this trend particularly beneficial. Microblading, the technique used to create powder brows, is performed on the skin’s surface without scarring or other adverse side effects. The end result is brows that are thicker and better groomed than before, with a more natural and graceful thinning out.

Just what does PowderBrows training entail?

Participants in the PowderBrows course at the Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic learn how to shade their eyebrows with a machine specifically for permanent makeup applications by applying light pressure. PowderBrows is great for those new to permanent makeup and those with more experience. So why should you take the time to master powder brows? You can not only restore damaged PMU but also run your own business with this resource. This service is simple to master, and you can start providing it right after your training. It’s the quickest route to more customers and higher revenue.

Why pick Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic?

Some benefits of working with Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic include our expertise, commitment to our clients, hard work, and extended community service history. We work hard daily to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and willingness to accommodate their preferences. The eyebrows we create for you will be unique and tailored to your face and character. Taking a person-to-person approach is one of our strongest points.

By enrolling in this course, Olga Reut will become your guide and teacher. In addition to her many other accomplishments, Olga is a brilliant formulator, distributor, and businesswoman. She values her roles as an educator, trainer, and above all, an artist. Olga Reut founded the Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic in Austin, where she works as the primary technician. She and her family emigrated to the United States from Minsk, Belarus. She holds valid medical practitioner licenses from Texas and Belarus as a Certified Eyelash Specialist, Microblading Technician, Permanent Makeup Artist, and Professional Laser Technician.

She hopes that by bringing her rigorous approach to teaching and mentoring to this institution, artists of all stripes will be encouraged to push themselves to new heights.

You will have Amazing Results

What People Say

Olga is very professional. She did a very amazing job doin my eyebrows and eye lashes. Job well done. I will recommend you to all of my friends and so they can see the difference from other lashes salon company. I keep coming to her Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic. Keep up the great work till then. Have a great one Olga!

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Grace R.

Fantastic work! Olga is fixing my eyebrows, it is a lengthy process and one that takes talent and skill. I just happened to see an advertisement for Vilero Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic on Facebook and researched Olga’s work and training. Her original work is flawless. You can’t go wrong getting your permanent makeup, eyelashes, and other procedures done here. She is so sweet and so accomplished and so very accommodating. I highly recommend Vilero

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D H.

I’m always happy with my results after leaving here. Olga is highly skilled and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in semi-permanent make up to come here. Scheduling is easy and Olga is lovely.

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Ryann R.

Olga is absolutely amazing! I’ve been going to her for over a year now and am always extremely happy with the outcome. Her salon is beautiful, clean and she is very professional!

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Carol C.

Right now I’m traveling around America and forgot to say thanks to Olga. I was at her studio and did a lash lift, it end up big soo amazing and beautiful. It really helped on my vacations. I wanna show the photo of my lashes, I have never done lash lift before and I release what I have lost. It’s best thing for traveling. Thank you so much Olga!!!

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Elizabeth F.

Olga did amazing job. She did eyeliner exactly how I wanted, it looks very natural. I definitely return to her to do my brows and lips .

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Victoria E.


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