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About Permanent eyebrow makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup makes having perfect brows effortless. Your eyebrows are one of the most important aesthetic elements of your overall appearance. Not only do they add symmetry to your face, but how you choose to shape, color,and define your eyebrows can significantly enhance your beauty. With well-shaped eyebrows that are full and beautiful, you can bring attention and focus to the eye area. Gorgeous and well-sculpted eyebrows will also help you look and appear more rested, hide fatigue, and give you an overall youthful appearance that so many greatly desire. 

For some, it is trying and tedious to give their eyebrows the near-constant and consistent attention that must be given to maintain the ideal symmetry. A busy work schedule, a demanding family, and for some with persistent health conditions, tending to their eyebrows continually gets pushed aside. For others, it is simply impossible to grow a full brow that is essential to create the look they desired. Thankfully, for both dilemmas, there is an easy and affordable answer – permanent eyebrow makeup.

Sometimes called powder eyebrows or feathering, permanent makeup for the eyebrow is simply a semi-permanent tattoo. Done by a trained technician who is also a skilled artisan, the pigment is carefully implanted below the first layer of the skin. By using a sterile cartridge needle, the technician makes shading that resemble the makeup pencil on your eyebrows. The dyes that we use are hypo-allergenic, and there are no emollients, fragrances, or any other ingredients included.

When you decide to have permanent makeup added to your eyebrows, we are here to throughly answer all questions that you may have and help you determine what color and shape are best for you. One of our trained, friendly and skilled technicians will meet with you to discuss all the options available to you. We will give you with detailed information on each step of the application process. You can expect to make two visits to our salon, and the entire procedure can take up to 2 hours. Healing times always vary from person to person, but we find that it typically lasts between 4-7 days, and you should expect the permanent makeup to last for 2-3 years. Keep in mind that results vary each person, and it is impossible to provide exact timeframes.

You can also appreicate having peace of mind in knowing that the application process causes minimal bleeding, is not painful for most customers and creates exceptionally minimal scar tissues, if any at all. We also follow strict sanitation procedures and ensure that all devices and instruments used are thoroughly disinfected and sterile before use. Keep in mind, though, that each customer is different in how they tolerate the application of permanent makeup to the eyes. Some may experience slightredness, minor swelling, and mild irritation.

Anyone who has undergone the procedure to have permanent makeup applied to their eyebrows will tell you that the benefits far outweigh the small amount of discomfort that is experienced during the application procedure. Once the application procession completed and you have healed, you can expect to have a near-instant makeover and face lift created from an eyebrow that is stunning and professionally designed. No matter how busy your life may become or how sporty and active you are, you will also be able to maintain this gorgeous look with minimal effort and upkeep!

Don’t delay! Call today so that one of our staff can schedule your free consultation with one of our courteous and professional technicians. They will help you begin the process of having full, beautiful, and youthful-looking eyebrows all the time.


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