Black Diamond Adhesive

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Vilero’s Black Diamond Adhesive is one of the strongest and most long-lasting adhesives available, making it ideal for professional lash stylists.

The Black Diamond Adhesive is an extremely fast-drying adhesive that can be too quick for some lash stylists. This technologically-enhanced adhesive dries in just one second, allowing lash stylists to move rapidly to the next lash and provide clients with a faster experience.

Dip the extension into the top of the adhesive bubble without breaking it for getting the best results from your adhesive.  Do not drag the adhesive out of the bubble. Because this will shorten the amount of time you have to work with it.

Retention: up to 8 weeks
Color: Black
Fumes: minimal
Viscosity: Very Thin
40-60% – 1 second
60-80% – immediately
20-40% – 1.5-2.5 seconds
Working temperature: 70-79⁰ F

Shake well about 1 minute. Dispense a new drop every 15-20 minutes.

Store dry, cool place.

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  1. Williams

    Perfect, smooth to use and really forgiving–do not think that setting out the old glue is difficult–heat it with a blow torch and scrape it straight off

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