Eyelash micro swabs set

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Eyelash micro swabs set of 100. Use for primer and remover.

The micro brush is perfect for removing unwanted eyebrow powder, eye shadow, eyelashes extensions, or any makeup mishaps around the eyes. Eyelash extension primer and removers are all compatible with this product. Each container has 100 micro swabs.

These are single-use disposables that are only meant to be used once in a certain application.

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Weight 2.8 oz

3 reviews for Eyelash micro swabs set

  1. T.Henry

    They work great! They make it easy to get in between teeth and hard to reach areas while applying gel or glue.

  2. Anne

    I used them to use a few glue, and different fillers on my fashions, and they painted great. Before I used a toothpick, which paintings, however, they’re now no longer as sensitive and specific as those… best for the activity and ultimate properly thru a complete consultation of making use of those

  3. Campbell

    his is the perfect little swap everyone needs. I use it to apply that small cateye look with gel liner, and also to clean up any mishaps made with under eye liners

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