Gold Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions

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Vilero’s Gold adhesive for eyelash extensions is our top-of-the-line adhesive! It offers superior retention and virtually no fumes or odor. This adhesive is also very thin, making it easy to apply. It is best stored in a cool, dry place.

This adhesive is recommended only for professional use.

Retention: up to 8 weeks
Color: Black
Fumes: minimal
Viscosity: Very Thin
40-60% – 0.5 second
60-80% – immediately
20-40% – 1-2 seconds
Working temperature: 70-79⁰ F

Shake well about 1 minute. Dispense a new drop every 15-20 minutes.

Store dry, cool place.

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1 review for Gold Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions

  1. Aliza Atole- Johnson

    I like this product for my fellow lash techs that want to get comfortable with megas! These are great for creating a dark lash line as well

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