Primer for natural lashes

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Vilero Primer for Natural Lashes easily eliminates the resistant fine layer of debris, makeup residue, and natural oils that can interfere with the connection of your lash adhesives. This means you’ll always get the right bond, and your client retention will be higher than it’s ever been!

Although lash cleansers and cleaners remove much of the dirt and grime that accumulates on lashes over time, priming is a final process that all lash artists should perform before applying extensions to ensure the glue connection is as strong as possible.

Primer strips natural oils and residue to help retention and create a better bond. 15ml

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2 reviews for Primer for natural lashes

  1. JN niro

    Giving this four stars due to the fact I love the give up end result whilst making use of earlier than my normal mascara, however you need to be cautious of what number of coats you follow in any other case it’ll appear extraordinarily clumpy (2-three is the max for me). Overall, a super product and simply facilitates as a base layer earlier than setting on mascara to make my lashes appear greater voluminous and longer!

  2. E.R

    I love this primer and all of the blinc make-up products. This primer is great
    I were given the black due to the fact I actually have very darkish brown eyes they nearly appear black. This primer makes my lashes very lengthy very black on truth I occasionally simply use the prime

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