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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a basic investment for most modern women who want to look more beautiful all the time. In order to achieve this goal, most women spend quality time and resources on eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, lip liners, and lipstick. Applying all these can be time-consuming for most people. Fortunately, the advancement in beauty technology has made life much easier for any woman who wants to enhance their beauty. Today; more and more women are opting for Permanent makeup as compared to the traditional makeup kit.

Permanent makeup is done through a micro pigmentation process. Generally, permanent ink is injected into your skin using a permanent makeup pen for permanent makeup pigments. Implanting pigments into your skin is basically aimed at enhancing certain features such as eyebrows, lip line, and lash line. While permanent makeup is an appealing art for most beauty enthusiasts, this cosmetic procedure is ideal for those with complicated health conditions such as makeup allergies among many others. Interestingly, the entire procedure only takes between 2-3 hours and 2-8 days to heal.

Why go for permanent makeup?

Well, opting for permanent makeup comes with an array of benefits for many women including.


Time is an important factor for many ambitious women. Resultantly, most ladies don’t have all the time to apply makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, or foundation due to their demanding careers among other tedious tasks. The beauty of permanent makeup is that it’s time-saving for those with a myriad of important commitments, frequent traveling, and busy schedules. Talk of looking beautiful all day long without wasting a single second of your precious time.


With permanent makeup, you’ll never have to fear of smudging your makeup while working out, showering or even swimming. You can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about your makeup. Apart from that, permanent makeup is also convenient for those with complicated health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, vitiligo, poor eyesight, and other physical disabilities. Additionally, investing in permanent makeup tattoo is literally ideal for those with extreme hair loss/eyebrows conditions, while permanent lipstick works perfectly well in hiding unpleasant marks.


While beauty comes at a cost, undergoing permanent makeup can prove to be money-saving in the end. Why spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics that are more likely to smudge, fade, smear or even rub off when you have an option of going for cheap permanent makeup. In other words, permanent makeup cost should never hinder you from looking naturally beautiful 24/7. The secret lies in going for your cheap permanent makeup from a fully-certified/licensed, trustworthy and vastly-experienced professional cosmetic esthetician like in Austin.

Are Semi-Permanent Cosmetics the same as tattooing?

No, they are not. Although semi-permanent cosmetics are a form of tattooing, you will be aware that the finished results are very different. Tattoos are designed to stand visible against the skin whereas semi-permanent cosmetics are designed to be natural enhancements. The pigments, needles, machines and application technique are very different too. At PMU the pigment is introduced into the upper layer of the dermis of 0.2-0.6mm with a tattoo of 2mm!

For Permanent makeup we use machine pens, natural dyes (pigment, not ink), for tattoo - machine guns, artificial dyes (ink). Pigment is gradually absorbed by the body and there will be no traces of procedure depth of insertion.

Is it painful?

The experience should be pretty much pain free as a numbing cream is applied before the treatment starts and can also be applied throughout the treatment to ensure comfort. However people have different pain thresholds and certain times of a woman’s cycle can affect the pain.

How long does it take to do?

From beginning to end, you can plan on about 2,5-3 hours. The procedure is split into 2 appointments (!!!!), which are 4-6 weeks apart to allow for the healing process to complete. The initial procedure will take from 2,5 to 2 hours, and your second appointment takes from 60-120 minutes.

Will they be dark?

The colour pigment is chosen to suit you, taking into consideration hair and skin colour, however on the day of the procedure you should expect them to be between 30-50% darker, this will eventually settle after the first week.

Will I have scabs?

Again this varies to each individual and the area treated, however the most likely place to scab is the lips and if you carry the herpes virus, expect a break out post procedure.

Will I be red and swollen?

As you are causing an injury to the skin, some redness and swelling should be expected, how much, varies from person to person.

Will I still need to tweeze my brows?

The procedure does not affect the hair growth at all, so in short, YES you will.

How long will it last?

The pigment will fade over time although it may not disappear forever, 1-3 years is normal, although there is no guarantee, as each individual will react differently, and lifestyle plays a major role. Contributory factors include, sun exposure, speed of skin cell regeneration and the choice of colour.

A visit to the salon is recommended every 12-18 months to keep your eyebrows looking perfect.

Is there a chance of infection?

Safety is our priority. At all times we adhere to the strictest sterilisation procedures. Only new, sterile, disposable needles, which are opened in front of each client, are used for your complete safety. We have been highly trained in this art to exacting standards.

How long does it take to heal?

Between 4 and 10 days – depending on the procedure that you have had done.

What is the healing period like?

On the second day after a procedure, a light crust will form – which is only dry to your touch, this will fall off in a few days. During this time the pigment area may look a little darker than what you decided on. Once the crust flakes off it is common for the colour to lighten by up to 50-30%.

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