Why should I do permanent makeup touch up?

Why should I do a permanent makeup touch-up?
Is my master not doing his job properly? Do you want to make money for me?

We hear these questions from our customers daily, so we want to tell you why you need to do your permanent makeup perfection sessions 30 days after the main procedure.

So, our body is a living organism. As soon as a foreign substance enters it, it tries to free itself from it, pushing it out of the body. The same happens with pigment. Once in our body, the body will definitely do everything to get rid of it. Therefore, after healing, permanent makeup loses a certain amount of color (pigment) and looks much lighter and less attractive than on the day of the procedure.

No one will ever tell you how much pigment will remain in the skin, neither give you a guarantee. It is also influenced by the hormonal system. If there are any malfunctions in the body, then the pigment may not remain at all.

Another factor that influences why a touch up needed is that the skin during an interrupted procedure can be compared to a blank sheet of paper. So, you apply one layer of paint, it dries up and you lack the density and brightness of the color, and you put the second layer to get a bright, dense color.

As I said above, our body is trying to get rid of the pigment and it will do it all the time, so over time, our pigment fades. When you did one procedure and have one layer of pigment, you can enjoy beautiful permanent makeup for just a few months. And after you did the PM perfection session, it will stay with you for much longer – for about 1.5-2 years.

So, is it worth saving on touch-ups if you have already spent a significant amount on the main procedure itself?!

Do you still think it is not worth doing a correction?

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